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Every course of therapy will start with a 30 minute induction, where we find out what is troubling you, and how you best respond to treatment. This is also where we try and get all the paperwork out of the way so that every other session is just focused on you and your needs. We introduce you to the 4 core rules of therapy and why they are important, and we also look at different ways that different treatments can be effective. We also sign an agreement between us and you that puts your needs first and sets out the pattern of therapy going forward.

We will teach you how to put yourself in a more relaxed state, how to look at self analysis critically, and will teach you coping methods for dealing with things that might cause stress, how to reduce those stress levels now and in the future so that you make level headed decisions. 

Problems are rarely solved in one session, but neither are they dragged out unnecessarily and we give you a realistic time frame to expect results. We have a clause that ensures that breaks are made in the therapeutic process to avoid continuous routines that hinder healing. We help you become unstuck from the rut that you have found yourself in and encourage forward positive thinking, where you can visualize your future self, and look at how we can achieve that goal.

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