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Relationship therapy is all about how you relate to people and how people relate to you.

Within this are three main elements, couples therapy, family therapy and workplace therapy.

Couples Therapy

Formally known in the past as marriage guidance counselling. We explore your relationship, highlight the positive aspects as well as deal with those aspects that are no longer working or have become stale. We look at rebuilding trust and encourage new ways of looking at things through examination of past events. Not all relationships last forever and we help in the acceptance of that, and look at ways forward beyond the conclusion especially when people have to continue to co exist in the same space after the relationship has ended. 


Family Therapy

These days families come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Sometimes when the dynamic of a family make up changes, for whatever reason, there is friction. We spend time exploring the family dynamic and look at ways to integrate each component so that everyone understands and accepts each other's role within the family unit.


Workplace Workshop Therapy 

We spend the majority of our time at work. Often our work family becomes just as important as our home families. We offer help in integrating teams, easing friction and looking for practical solutions to all manner of problems relating to the work place, from mediating between warring colleagues, helping to establish leaders within the business and helping improve productivity and understanding between departments.

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