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Able Wellness

Talking Therapies



Conventional mainstream therapy delivered 1 to 1 


Relationship Therapy

Whether it be couples therapy, Family therapy or even work based relational therapy


Online Therapy

Able to deliver therapy when needed wherever you are 



If conventional therapy isn't working or you need a quicker fix we offer an alternative solution

Therapy Sessions
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More About Us..

Who are we?

A business with a wealth of experience in dealing with all manners of talking therapy. Our approach is different to other therapy clinics as our highly trained therapists tailor our approach to the clients needs and requirements. We can look at practical therapy or adopt a more holistic and spiritual approach. We are customer led as we believe the best person suited to know what is going on in the client’s head is the client themselves.

Who are our clients?

Anyone who needs our help. Our doors are open to everyone. Our rates are very competitive, and we try not to turn people away. We deal with businesses and the individual.

What makes you different?

Our adaptability, and a willingness to accept that everyone responds in different ways. What works for one person may not work for someone else which is why we take time during our induction session to understand the needs of the client.

So, what is it that you do?

We deal with all sorts of things. From phobias to grief counselling, illness to weight loss and smoking cessation, helping to mend relationships and helping people cope with change, preparing people to face life altering challenges and reassessing how you fit in to this ever-evolving world. We can build confidences and show people the way to become better versions of themselves.

How long does all this take?

That depends on what the problem is. Some issues can be dealt with in a few sessions, other issues can take longer, but we try to be as honest and up front as we can be during the initial assessment. You can always have the initial assessment and go elsewhere for therapy if you don’t feel what we offer suits your needs, and we will happily advise you of alternative practitioners within your area who can help.

Gareth Wilcox
BSc(hons)Psychology & Counselling Acc.Hyp.DHP

Gareth is the driving force behind Able Wellness Talking Therapies. He believes that therapy should adapt to the needs of the client and be completely client focused and that means crossing the different philosophies and genres if needed in order to best facilitate the customer. Gareth is well versed in psychoanalysis, CBT, DBT family therapy and hypnotherapy.

Coming from a hospitality, sales and training background before becoming a therapist, Gareth brings both a wealth of lived experience and knowledge to the role as well as a wry sense of humour and a unique ability to empathise and understand different perspectives. He worked with the LGBTQ communities in Manchester and Brighton during the 1990’s and is a strong advocator of the rights of the individual. During COVID he worked for the NHS and has a keen personal interest in dementia and child poverty.

Getting Help

We respond better to Emails than phone calls due to the nature of the business. We look to return all calls and messages within 24 hours. to speak or leave a message with one of our therapists.

Call 07972593681




Self Esteem




Anger Management



Was a great help, explained things in simple terms which helped us understand exactly what was going on.

Michael .G. Age 62

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